Lululemon Asia & NZ

To help lululemon’s expansion into Asia we coordinated with suppliers both in Australia and Asia to successfully complete their store at Takashimaya in Singapore.
Stand-out features include the change room fans inspired by the iconic bamboo fans at Ruffles. The shopfront feature was inspired from the movement of trees, thousands of holes were cut in spotted gum panels. Behind them sits acrylic & LED panels for illumination. This creates movement of light, shadow & depth – like a tree flowing in the wind -when walking past

Deliverables included: Timber floors, displays, timber veneers, laser cutting, facade, change rooms, POS, steel work.
For Luluemon’s store at the ION centre in Singapore. It was a challenging building site including the semi-restricted low ceilings, forty metre shop front, low surfaces, exposed ceiling and odd-shaped columns. We also had to manage these issues with the heavy logistical task of completing them overseas.

This project featured some intricate detail and hands-on craftsmanship to make it come to life. Interior highlights include the tree branch lighting feature at the registers, creating a point-of interest out of point-of-sale and the main space lighting feature with light globes escaping from meandering wooden panel creations (inspired from a basket weave). There are also the converted large columns cladded in veneer with laser etched messaging and timber ‘illuminated illusion’ panels on the facade weaving in and out.

Lululemon Wellington a case study in not only our ability to handle projects on an international scale but also problem solving. We were tasked with demolishing the old store and re-fitting a completely new one. There were many challenges including dealing with old services in the building and restricted head heights. But we were able to turn what was a neglected and raw environment into one that was truly high-class retail.

These projects are an illustration in our ability to not only build truly inspiring spaces but also effectively complete them with testing logistics.