Stafford Group Head Office


A beautiful old building in the heart of Collingwood that once served as a rag trade factory has a second lease on life as the Stafford Group Head Office.  The Stafford Group is known for brands including Anthony Squires and Stafford Ellison.  It was a privilege to work with Stafford principal Andrew Wiesner to breathe new life into this space.   The Stafford team now has space and ambiance to collaborate in and be inspired by.


The first step was to restore the building.  It was essential to honor elements such as the original red brick, saw-tooth roof structure, and the open ceiling Oregon beams.  Once restored, the YVC team effectively maintained the building’s authenticity building as well as delivering as per client brief.

There was no change to the actual structure of the building.  However, the YVC team transformed various structures into features such as the cladding of shipping containers.  These containers were cleverly crafted into seamless POD offices.  A simple coat of paint took the fire service pipe system running through the ceiling structure from a safety item checklist to an aesthetically pleasing feature.  The overall result was a wonderful nod to the building’s history, offering the building a new lease on life. Contemporary features and simple accents transformed the space.

From the Project Team

Project Manager Andrew Wickham commented, “I was excited to be part of this project and so hands-on in bringing this old gem back to life.”   Andrew continues, “No major challenges presented. It ran well and was a super fun project to do”.

Typically, Architects and Interior Designers tender for these projects presenting CAD drawings and visual project mapping.  A written scope and several site meetings later with Stafford principal, Andrew, and the job was proceeding.   The decision-making process illustrated here speaks to the trust, experience, knowledge, and consistently high standard nd reputation that the YVC team has.