Aesop Chatswood

After the success of Aesop Emporium it was fantastic to help produce another product for this iconic Australian brand who really set the benchmark for incredible interiors. This project threw up a few challenges such as creating solid timber moulds that could curve around the entire location as per the design. Interior highlights include perforated plywood with over 80,000 holes, bluestone point-of-sale, built in fish tank and over 3 tonne of performated metal at the front. For the blustone POS we enlisted the expertise of a stone mason to fabricate the sinks and had them finished in black oxide. The timber used to encase the POS was Tasmanian Blackwood. This is retail that has to be visited as much for the interior as for the wonderful products.


Deliverable included: shopfit & build, custom aquarium, steel doors, POS, sinks, Timber panels, Shelving, testing areas, timber moulds, metal work.

Design: Geyer