Bosch Australia HQ


Bosch Australia’s headquarters and the technical centre offers a combination of trade showroom, offices and meeting rooms.  The Clayton, Victoria location boasts a 500 sqm area, accommodating BSH Bosch technical and sales associates and an enviable trade showroom, showcasing the finest BSH Bosch and Siemens products and services.


Building to BSH Bosch Design World Rollout Concept, the outcome is unique in scale and finishes. The clean and shadow lines, clever alignments, reflections, and space are all thoughtfully presented.  The six-month project started with two months of building work spent in the ceiling area. An open grid layout meant piping, ducting, and electrical works required a fully concealed installation before the rest of the project could get started.

A Barrisol ceiling in the shared dining room area delivers architectural lighting effects and room aesthetics. The strong Bosch branding highlights colour carpets, a striking stretched fabric feature wall, as well as backlit LED lighting. One of our favourite features is the acoustic wall paneling found in the shared dining room.  It transforms into a room feature boasting a jungle graphic print that splits across panels, seamlessly aligning to produce an impressive talking point.

From the Project Team

When asked to reflect and comment on this big project, Andrew Wickham, Project Manager quotes Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.   A stylish, modern, clean, and seemingly simplistic project where the devil really was in the detail. 

Andrew comments, “The team were extremely proud of the project outcome. It was a pleasure to witness the stakeholders, so thrilled with the outcome.” Praising the Yarra Valley Commercial team, Andrew adds, “Delivery of this large-scale project, was a testament to the expertise, wealth of knowledge and experience that Yarra Valley Commercial brings to the table every time.” 

With 90% of supply chain sourced locally, the talented YVC inhouse setout team delivered CAD programming of all joinery manufactured at their Croydon South, Melbourne based factory.


Architect: Bosch Inhouse Design & Peddle Thorp Architect