Happy Melon Studios

Happy Melon Studios are at the forefront in a new level of relaxation environments. And it’s no wonder it was named as one of Melbourne’s most beautiful yoga retreats.


For Yarra Valley Commercial this project enabled us to showcase our ability to perform across a combination of major construction, building and fit-out work. The existing location required a lot of initial work and care. We had to remove the floor and joists (which were all rotten due to the raising damp) and add a ventilation system under the sub floor. Walls were also removed from the up and down stairs, with a lot of structural work required to provide support for the building. The rear of the building also required an overhaul with an extension to create a reception and courtyard.


The interior creates a calming and serene aesthetic through it’s French-inspired design. The yoga room features timber floors and timber-lined ceiling with heated roof panels for hot yoga. The bathrooms consist of marble floors and walls, custom-built blackened brass mirror frames and pedestal basins. A showcase area was the reception with its fitted French doors that open onto the new courtyard.


Across all areas, Happy Melon has successfully created a striking, soothing and creative environment. Detail was the key – from the timber painted lockers and bench seats to the white-painted timber floors, lining board timber ceilings and joinery in all rooms. We’re also proud to have been associated with a project that enabled us to showcase our own creative problem solving skills across construction, building and shopfitting.