Politix Rundle Mall


In our 4th year working with the Politix design team, Yarra Valley Commercial (YVC) have completed over 30 Politix retail fit-outs.  Our latest, in the City of Adelaide’s, Rundle Mall.  The David Jones group inhouse team produced another sophisticated design, for one of Australia’s most well-known men’s fashion brands.  Our long-standing relationship and collaborative history were an advantage as the YVC team hit the ground running to complete the install and overcome the common and biggest challenge of all… time!


The feature wall panelling is a grain filled Zebrano Faso timber.  The YVC team bought it in as raw veneered board and produced the timber.  Showcased by a series of downlighting, this timber wall is without a doubt, one of the design highlights.  The USA imported fabric wallcoverings are also among the highlights as is the textured and rich colour palette exuding style.  Terrazzo flooring and the Australian supplied Aresbacato marble honed with a ribbed finish, offered us more reasons to fall head over heels with the finished design.  Deliverables from the Yarra Valley Commercial team included CAD drawings, full joinery and installation.

From the Project Team

The feature timber ceiling is a popular talking point for customers, as it was for our project team.  However, for very different reasons!  Laying timber floor on the wall was no easy feat and an exciting moment when the last board went up producing a result that was nothing less than stunning.  Symmetrically balanced the space delivers quality throughout.  The classic lay-out, contemporary feel and exquisite attention to detail reflect the brand and its product impeccably.

Photo Credit: Alex Coppel