Sisterhood Hobart


The waterfront suburb of Sandy Bay, Hobart in Tasmania is the home to the new all-day eatery, Sisterhood.  The interstate location demanded the team to adhere to a comprehensive schedule in addition to being super organised!  Managing trades as well as the production and logistics of materials to the location required consideration and planning to ensure the timeline was achieved.  Allowing six weeks for the install, the talented team at Yarra Valley Commercial had completed the project in just five.


The refreshing Biasol design delivered an inviting and textured environment boasting boho charm.  A unique space for Tasmania, the interior layers, textures as well as earthy tones created an elegant and calming space reflecting the coastal location. Rattan features as an interesting detail that evokes nostalgia and coupled with the timber finishes, a sense of warmth and cosiness has been achieved.   The marble used for the countertops was Verde St Denis.  The irregularly shaped subway tiles imported from America.

From the Project Team

One of the main highlights also proved to be one of the more challenging aspects of the install.  The overhead bar area features a timber and rattan framework of complex joinery designed to accommodate the different ceiling levels.  Deliverables included CAD programming as well as inhouse production of bespoke joinery items.  Yarra Valley Commercial project managed the installation.

Design: Biasol Design
Photo Credit: Adam Gibson